Friday, April 29, 2011

Post-Birthday Depression of Sorts

A few days following my 21st birthday...and I feel a bit sad and alone. Why shouldn't I be? I'm on summer vacation, I opted out of the 7-day out-of-town trip I was going to have with my friends in law school (I already bought the round trip ticket months ago), and I'm working all the time. All the time!

Why do I do this to myself? I jump from one busy and boring activity to the next, never letting myself have the fun youth has to offer. Or maybe I do, every once in a while--watching the movies I find interesting, texting with my friend, going to the mall by myself....that counts as fun, right?

I was talking to him over the phone, in one of our nightly phone call sessions. It was a constant in our lives since we've been together--phone calls at night. Being away from each other all the time, nine hours away to be exact, means that we've had to make some improvisations and these phone calls are one of those. When he called me that night, I don't know what overcame me...and I shed a few tears. Of course I wasn't that dumb to let him know; we didn't have real problems to begin with. But I guess...I guess it's just hard to feel so disconnected to the one person you're betting everything on. I mean, this is a gamble. If everyone found out, I'd be dead.

It's more much more. I guess, it's a combination of the deathly sight of pimples on my face, the lack of other real problems to stress over, the burden of my own expectations weighing down on me--basically my own self paving the road to my self-destruction.

Is there such a condition as post-birthday depression or something? Because if there is...I'm definitely having one.All I really need is to get a life. Where can I buy one?POs

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